Annual General Meeting 2006

Minutes of the Cottenham Village Design Group Meeting held on Tuesday 21st February, 7:30pm at Cottenham Village College

Poundbury Speech by Robin Heydon

The Cottenham Village Design Group held their AGM on 21st February at the Cottenham Village College. The AGM was preceded by an interesting and topical talk by Mr Robin Heydon on Poundbury. Poundbury is a modern settlement designed by a master planner based on environmental principles of the Prince of Wales. Mr Heydon summarized the architectural significance of Poundbury in terms of the street layout, attention to detail and features which enhanced the 'community feel' of the settlement. The talk was well received with compliments and questions from the audience.


Rex Collinson, Alex Darby, Ann Doubleday, John Eggar, Kate Heydon, Robin Heydon, Bill Miller, Nancy Miller, Steve Poole, Eddie Rowell, Mike Smith, Alex Thoukydides, Jo Webster, .

Review of the year's activities by Robin Heydon

Robin Heydon reviewed last years minutes and activities held over 2005.

The following events were raised by Mike Smith and briefly discussed:

- The May Fun Run Fund raising Event.
This was a small scale event to raise the profile of the group. Brick-a-brac and cakes were sold and an information display and membership desk were on view. A small profit was made.

- The Strawberries and Architecture fund raising event.
This was a larger scale event to raise the profile of the group. Strawberries and cream, home made lemonade and coffee and tea were served from Rebecca Tindall and Nick Stephenson's house on the High Street. Rebecca Tindall kindly donated a limited edition print for the raffle and brick a brac was sold to raise funds. Information about the CVDG was displayed and a membership desk was manned. A small profit was made, however due to a lower than expected turnout and less than ideal weather a smaller profit than hoped was made. The CVDG was able to raise it's profile with a view towards the village design statement update and any public consultation.

Steve Poole raised the following planning related 2005 activities:

- The comments submitted by the CVDG for the Northstowe.
Steve Poole briefly discussed the submission of comments by the CVDG to the Northstowe plans.

- Comments submitted for the guided bus.
The submission of comments with reference to the guided bus was briefly mentioned.

- Steve Poole's presentation at the Travelers Appeal - Victoria View.
Steve discussed Robin Heydon's 2004 presentation at the appeal and Steve's presentation at the 2005 appeal. A favourable outcome was discussed.

Planning Summary by Steven Poole

Steve discussed a correlation between the CVDG planning comments and the outcomes with the South Cambs District Council. A reasonably consistent positive correlation was noted. However where the CVDG were positive, on occasions planning permission had subsequently been refused for traffic/highway issues which the CVDG do not consider. Steve discussed individual examples of correlation to illustrate the information presented. The presentation was informative and interesting and drew attention to the finer details of the current village design statement.

Treasurer’s Report by Steven Poole

Steve presented the 2005 budget. Due to fund raising events and the lack of expenditure the budget for 2006 looks healthy. However funds are insufficient for any large scale publishing ie. a consultation process with the village. The aim for 2006 is to raise the profile of the CVDG. Fund raising will not be a priority for 2006.

Election of Committee and Officers

The committee has five nominee places and up to ten elected members. Members serve for two years after which they may offer themselves for re-election. Officers hold their positions for a maximum of four years consecutively.

The following resignations were noted:

Robin Heydon (Chair):
Robin Heydon has stood down as Chair as he is unable to fulfill the role to his own satisfaction due to work and travel commitments.

Rob van der Linden (committee member):
Rob van der Linden has formally stood down as he wishes to offer his place to a more active member.

Rebecca Tindall (committee member):
Rebecca Tindall stood down earlier in the year due to work and time commitments.

Nick Stephenson (committee member):
Nick Stephenson stood down earlier in the year due to work and travel commitments.

Rex Collinson offered to stand down if his committee position was required. However the 2005 Chair - Robin Heydon - advised that Rex's input had been valuable and helpful and the CVDG are keen to retain Rex as a committee member.

The following committee members were elected:

Ann Doubleday (committee member):
Nominated by: Alex Thoukydides
Seconded by: Mike Smith

Robin Heydon (committee member):
Nominated by: Steve Poole
Seconded by: Mike Smith

Alex Thoukydides (Chair):
Nominated by: Robin Heydon
Seconded by: Steve Poole

John Williams (committee member):
Nominated by: Alex Thoukydides
Seconded by: Kate Heydon

Alex Darby (committee member):
Nominated by: Mike Smith
Seconded by: Ann Doubleday

Jo Webster expressed interest in joining the committee later in the year but did not wish to stand at this time.

Welcome Speech by the new Chair - Alex Thoukydides

Alex introduced his agenda for 2006 as Chair:

2006 Aims:
- To aim for a draft design statement update ready to present proposed changes at David Gretch's talk on 17th October 2006. The design update is to be co-ordinated by Kate Heydon. A list of volunteers was also taken to assist with the process.

Design Statement Update Volunteers:
Alex Darby, Ann Doubleday, Kate Heydon, Robin Heydon, Mike Smith, Alex Thoukydides, John Williams.

Any Other Business

Mike Smith proposed the committee investigate the viability of a trip e.g.. to Upton in Northants or to Greenwich/Isle of Dogs. A suggestion was also made for an exchange trip with another village which has a design statement.

John Williams discussed the Cottenham Environment Audit Group. The CEAG is nearing the end of it's audit process. The conclusions will be useful for the design statement update. The website and assets of 50 photographs will need to be temporarily re-housed. It was proposed that the CVDG temporarily re-house the photo's whilst new homes are found ie. local libraries etc.

We aim to ensure that development and change in Cottenham is based on a considered understanding of the Village's past and present, and that it will contribute positively to the future of the Village, protecting and enhancing its special nature

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