Planning Application Comments

All planning applications for Cottenham are viewed by the Village Design Group. Where appropriate comments are submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council by two members of the Group. Copies of these comments are also sent to the Parish Council and deposited in Cottenham Library.

These comments assess applications in relation to the principals set out in the Village Design Statement and adopted by the District Council as a Supplementary Planning Document. Members draw on their local knowledge and experience to interpret these principals.

The aim of this process is not to prevent change, although we do sometimes object to applications, but to enter a positive dialogue with the aim of producing better developments. This process also helps the group to monitor changing trends in planning and to assess the effectiveness of the Design Statement in relation to these.

View the full code of conduct for planning comments.

Subject to conditions, the Group may also agree to respond to requests for informal advice.


Available for download below in pdf format:


Weeks 1-5 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 6-7
(88k .pdf)
Weeks 8-10 (108k .pdf)
Weeks 11-13 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 14-15 (92k .pdf)
Weeks 16-18 (108k .pdf)
Weeks 19 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 20 (88k .pdf)
Weeks 21 (136k .pdf)


Weeks 1-2 (72k .pdf)
Weeks 3-4
(84k .pdf)
Weeks 5-6 (100k .pdf)
Weeks 7 (100k .pdf)
Weeks 8 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 9 (88k .pdf)
Weeks 10 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 11-16 (56k .pdf)
Weeks 17-21 (96k .pdf)
Weeks 22 (88k .pdf)
Weeks 23-24 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 25 (80k .pdf)
Weeks 26-30 (96k .pdf)
Weeks 31-33 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 34-36 (68k .pdf)
Weeks 37-39 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 40-45 (88k .pdf)
Weeks 46-52 (108k .pdf)


Weeks 1-4 (160k .pdf)
Weeks 5-7
(108k .pdf)
Weeks 8-11 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 12-15 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 16-21 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 22-25 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 26-29 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 30-34 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 35-38 (68k .pdf)
Weeks 39-41 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 42-46 (104k .pdf)
Weeks 47-49 (80k .pdf)
Weeks 50-52
(68k .pdf)

Local Plan Consulation Response (448k .pdf)


Weeks 52-04 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 5-8
(12k .pdf)
Week 8a
(8k .pdf)
Weeks 9-12 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 13-16 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 17-18 (96k .pdf)
Week 19 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 20-23 (84k .pdf)
Weeks 24-25 (76k .pdf)
Weeks 26-28 (96k .pdf)
Weeks 29-33 (72k .pdf)
Weeks 34-35 (68k .pdf)
Weeks 36-39 (120k .pdf)
Weeks 40-42 (96k .pdf)
Weeks 43-44 (92k .pdf)
Weeks 45-47 (96k .pdf)
Weeks 48-49 (124k .pdf)
Weeks 50-51 (176k .pdf)


Weeks 1-2 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 3-5 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 6-7 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 8-12 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 13-16 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 17-19 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 20-22 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 23-25 (12k .pdf)
Week 26 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 27-28 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 29-31 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 32-41 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 42-45 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 46-51 (20k .pdf)


Weeks 1-4 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 5-7 (20k .pdf)
Weeks 8-11 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 12-17 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 18-20 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 21-24 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 25-29 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 30-32 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 33-34 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 35-44 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 45-46 (24k .pdf)
Weeks 47-51 (8k .pdf)
Week 52 (68k .pdf)


Weeks 1-4 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 5-7 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 8-10 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 11-12 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 13-15 (9k .pdf)
Weeks 16-18 (9k .pdf)
Weeks 19-22 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 23-25 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 26-29 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 30-32 (20k .pdf)
Weeks 33-35 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 36-45 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 46-48 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 49-52 (8k .pdf)


Weeks 1-6 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 7-9 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 10-11 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 12-14
(12k .pdf)
Weeks 15-18 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 19-21 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 22-25 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 26-28 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 29-33 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 34-36 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 37-39 (4k .pdf)
Weeks 40-41 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 42-44 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 45-47 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 48-51 (12k .pdf)


Weeks 1-4 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 5-7 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 8-10 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 11-14 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 15-17 (4k .pdf)
Weeks 18-21 (10k .pdf)
Weeks 22-24 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 25-29 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 30-33 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 34-36 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 37-40 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 41-43 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 44-45 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 46-47 (12k .pdf)
Week 48 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 49-50 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 51-52 (12k .pdf)


Weeks 1-4 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 5-8 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 9-11 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 12-13 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 14-15 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 16-20 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 21-24 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 25-28 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 29-32 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 33-36 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 37-39 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 40-42 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 43-47 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 48-50 (8k .pdf)
Weeks 51-52 (8k .pdf)


Weeks 1-2 (4k .pdf)
Weeks 3-7 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 8-12
(16k .pdf)
Weeks 13-17 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 18-20 (16k .pdf)
Weeks 21-26 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 27-29 (20k .pdf)
Weeks 30-33
(20k .pdf)
Weeks 34-41 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 42-44 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 45-46 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 47-50 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 51-52 (16k .pdf)


Weeks 1-4 (24k .pdf)
Weeks 5-7
(32k .pdf)
Weeks 8-10
(36k .pdf)
Weeks 11-14 (32k .pdf)
Weeks 15-17
(32k .pdf)
Weeks 18-21
(32k .pdf)
Weeks 22-26
(32k .pdf)
Weeks 27-31 (28k .pdf)
Weeks 32-35 (28k .pdf)
Weeks 36-40
(28k .pdf)
Weeks 41-45 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 46-50 (12k .pdf)
Weeks 51-52 (32k .pdf)

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To contact us about planning comments please email us

We aim to ensure that development and change in Cottenham is based on a considered understanding of the Village's past and present, and that it will contribute positively to the future of the Village, protecting and enhancing its special nature

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