Planning Application Comments

Code of Conduct

Any member may volunteer to be on the list of people to consider planning applications.

The Planning Comments Co-ordinator (the Co-ordinator) receives notification of planning lists from SCDC.

The Co-ordinator arranges subcommittee meetings to consider the plans and make comments within the timescale allowed by SCDC for comments.

Any member with a personal interest must declare this and take no part in the proceedings.

The subcommittee shall consist of at least 2 members – one of whom must be a committee member who is directly answerable to the rest of the committee to show that the comments are in accordance with the Design Statement.

The comments shall be based on the principles and guidelines set out in the Design Statement. The comments should usually point out where the application does and does not conform to the principles of the Statement.

All planning comments will include the names of the members who considered the plans.

The Co-ordinator, after consultation with the chair if necessary, shall decide that certain applications of wide public interest shall be considered at a special meeting of the committee.

A copy of all comments made to SCDC shall be placed:
• In front of the next committee meeting
• In the library
• In the hands of the Parish Council.

Anyone may contact the Co-ordinator in writing to agree or disagree that the comments are in accordance with the principles and guidelines set out in the Design Statement. Any correspondence thus received will be considered at the next committee meeting.

Unlike the Parish Council the Design Group is not a statutory consultee. SCDC planners and planning committee consider the Design Group’s comments alongside those of others and alongside planning guidance and supplementary planning guidance (which includes the Design Statement).

Last amended February 2004

We aim to ensure that development and change in Cottenham is based on a considered understanding of the Village's past and present, and that it will contribute positively to the future of the Village, protecting and enhancing its special nature

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